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Meet Our Mortgage Experts
Decisions about the financing of your home are among the most important that you will make, and you deserve the very best guidance and advice when navigating this process. We are proud of the experience and expertise that our staff of Mortgage Originators brings to you. Our staff has a variety of mortgage products at their disposal that will give you all the tools you need to assist in making the best decisions that meet your needs. Our Mortgage Originators are available to meet with you at a branch near you for your convenience. Meeting with a Mortgage Originator is helpful in discussing your mortgage needs and guides you through the application process. Please refrain from sending confidential information. For additional information about our Mortgage Originators, click their names from the list below.
Scott Mayberry
Direct:   (717) 350-9560
Email:   Mayberry@Members1st.org
NMLS #: 797025
Gary Thomas
Direct:   (717) 877-6089
Email:   ThomasG@Members1st.org
NMLS #: 937179
Helene Hogan
Direct:   (717) 756-5019
Email:   HoganH@Members1st.org
NMLS #: 190301
Todd Landis
Direct:   (717) 805-2436
Email:   LandisT@Members1st.org
NMLS #: 783546
Rita Carbaugh
Direct:   (717) 728-6824
Email:   CarbaughR@Members1st.org
NMLS #: 210373
William Crouse
Direct:   (717) 418-2767
Email:   CrouseW@Members1st.org
NMLS #: 615548
Sherry Hommes
Direct:   (717) 364-2581
Email:   HommesS@members1st.org
NMLS #: 704406
Harriet Willis
Direct:   (717) 497-6597
Email:   WillisH@Members1st.org
NMLS #: 1597074
Geoffrey Longwell
Direct:   (717) 802-9602
Email:   LongwellG@members1st.org
NMLS #: 514901
Dan Burkholder
Direct:   (717) 368-3317
Email:   BurkholderD@members1st.org
NMLS #: 649875
Jennifer Augustyniak
Direct:   (717) 870-3195
Email:   augustyniakj@members1st.org
NMLS #: 764410
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